Camporee Covid Policy

Covid Policy as of 1/8/24

We ask for everyone to be Vaccinated and Boosted whenever possible.

Vaccination Status

You will not be asked to show proof of vaccine for all girls and adults when you check in. However we are highly recommending that you as a troop leader check with the status of your girls. 

For all Adults, the GSNorCal website Strongly Recommends that all Adults in camp are fully up to date on their vaccines: "Not only does this decrease risk of illness, but vaccinated and boosted chaperones MAY be able to continue with the program if exposed; unvaccinated chaperones have to quarantine."

Can I (or my girls) use a PCR or home test instead of a vaccine if we are spending the night?

If you are spending the night your girls will be sleeping unmasked in a multi-girl dorm room. In this case, it is up to your troop (girls and parents) to decide what you are comfortable with. 

What is the mask policy at Camp?

As of 1/8/24 the girl scout mask policy is: Effective immediately, masks are no longer required at Girl Scout meetings and activities, unless local conditions, private or public venues, school districts, communities, or counties require masks to be worn. We are encouraging that you mask indoors if you have concerns about Covid. If masks become required by Girl Scouts or the CDC, we will send out a notice.

What about eating?

As of 1/8/24 we are planning to eat inside the cafeteria however this may change depending on the weather and the Covid guidelines. Bring layers! 

Kitchen Staff and Event-level First Aiders

We strongly request anyone working directly with food in the kitchen and anyone who is an Event-level first aider (This is not the first aider for your troop, these are the higher level first aiders.) be fully vaccinated and boosted. You may work in the dining hall or the dishes area without being fully vaccinated.

What if I am exposed or test positive before camp?

Here is a link to the current Covid Requirements from our Council. Our requirements for Camporee are slightly more conservative (for instance we encourage masking indoors) because we really want people to feel safe and comfortable.