Mistral - Agent of Change Journey

Traffic Safety

As part of the Agent of Change Journey, the girls from Mistral's 5th Grade Troop chose to work on ways they could help improve traffic safety around their school.

They voted to use troop funds that they had earned selling cookies and other fundraisers to purchase 6 sandwich board signs and they made posters to put in them. These signs are being placed at afternoon pickup (and sometimes morning drop-off) times to help let traffic know that Mistral is a school zone and to watch out for bikes and pedestrians. They felt that more signs were needed to help drivers know to slow down.

They also designed and created a survey that they sent out to parents, teachers and students at Mistral. They would like to let you know about their results, which showed that they have been a lot of “almost” crashes, and although most people feel safe around Mistral, some are really worried. They asked for ideas to make the traffic situation better, and they got a lot of great responses. Traffic Safety Survey Results