Staying Overnight

Camping Forms

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Troop Roster

You'll need to turn this in to Council and give a copy to each of your drivers.


Info and Forms to Give to Parents

These are documents that will give your parents all the info they need and hopefully reassure them about letting their daughters spend the night at Camporee. These are  available in both Spanish and English.

Camping Readiness is designed to help you with parents who are still unsure and overeager parents (if you don't think their daughter is quite ready yet).

Permission Slips are required for all girls. This event is not covered by the annual permission slip.

Authorization to Administer Medication  is an optional form but is HIGHLY recommended for all your girls in case they get a headache (or whatever) you will know what it is OK to give them.  You need this form to administer any medication including sunscreen and bug spray.

Permission Slip


Permission Slip - Spanish Version


Camping Readiness Info for Parents

Camping Readiness.pdf

Camping Readiness Info for Parents - Spanish Version

Camping Readiness - Spanish.pdf

Authorization to Administer Medication (both Spanish and English versions are in this document)

GS Authorization to Administer Medication Eng-Span-1.doc.pdf

Form to fill out if any of your troop is using fall product or cookie sale credits to pay for your event.

Cookie Credit Award Payment Option.pdf